Sunday, September 26, 2010

Purpose of this blog


In 2014 I intend to learn as much as I can about woodworking education in the Bay Area.  I'm a woodworker with a background in education (taught high school for a couple of years around 1990).  I'm also a father with an understanding of how important it is for kids to do things that truly interest them.  I have the vague notion that I'd like to, at the very least, get some kids to come through my shop to see what we do here and, at best, help (re)establish woodworking education in the schools and then connect the school programs with local woodworkers.

I see tremendous waste of human potential in things as they are: kids who don't get to experience a tool in their hands, extremely talented professional woodworkers who get to share what they know with their coworkers, but not with the many kids who would love to learn.

My first step will be to learn, so that I don't waste effort recreating what already exists. It's likely that there is lots of great work being done that I'm not yet aware of. As I learn, I will post here.  If you would like to call something to my attention or to make contact, please e-mail me at

(This post shows a 2010 date on the main blog page because I re-purposed a dormant 2010 blog when creating this blog.)

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  1. We look forward to being a recipient of your knowledge. Thank you, in advance.