Thursday, April 16, 2015

High School Apprenticeship Program Underway

John O'Connell High School students Xavier Villamor & Sean Zavala at work

We at Seidman Woodworks have the pleasure this Spring of having Xavier Villamor and Sean Zavala, both high school students, work in our shop.  They come in each Thursday and put in a solid stint of work.  They're getting a taste of working in a professional woodworking environment.  They're getting to spend the time that it takes for the hands to develop their own intelligence.  And we are getting to enjoy their great attitude, enthusiasm, and presence in our shop.  It's a source of pride for all of us at Seidman Woodworks to be able to impart a little bit of what we know to the next generation.

Sean and Xavier's presence is made possible by a collaboration between John O'Connell High School, their woodworking instructor Chris Wood (would that every woodworker could have that name) and Jewish Vocational Service.

Sean and Xavier have a great attitude, are a pleasure to have in the shop, and represent exceptionally well the team that has made their presence here possible.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Guerilla Street Museum

California College of the Arts students were at Seidman Woodworks this morning cutting parts on our cnc router for their portable art museum, which will be in the upcoming Market St. Prototyping Festival.

The structure will be a giant slinky, say CCA students (from right to left) Adika Djojosugito, Fredy Lim and Martin Setiawan, who collaboratively designed the project.  They're working in conjunction with Larkin Street Homeless Youth, who will display their art on the outside.  Inside is posted information for homeless youth on where homeless youth can go to find help and resources.

It's been very fun working with these young and talented community-minded designers and fabricators.